How To Change IMEI Number In Android

Every Android application stores your IMEI number in their database. This is one of the main reasons why many people want to Change IMEI Number on Android devices. Well, this process needs root access to your phone. Not all of Android user proceeds to the main steps as they don’t want to root their smartphone. Now, they start searching How to Change IMEI Number without Root on Android. So, let you know it is not possible to change the Android IMEI number without rooting for all devices. But Yes, you can complete this wish if you have an MTK Chipset device. Else you must root your phone in order to change the International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

Many of you want to change IMEI Number in Android phone because of different reasons. So I have decided to share the easiest way of doing this and I am sure after reading this tutorial till the end, you don’t have to search “How to Change Android IMEI Number” on the Internet. I have kept in mind to explain the process step by step so that you will not face any confusion while doing this crazy thing on your mobile. You may also like our recently shared Funny WhatsApp Group Names.

Android users love to try different tweaks on their devices. For example, many people search for How to Change Android IMEI Number without root. Well, first of all, let me clear your doubt because a lot of people think it isn’t possible to change IMEI Number on an Android phone…. but they are wrong. It is a very simple process to change any Android IMEI number with or without root. No matter your device is of Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, Panasonic, or any other company brand. I will provide you the easiest method which can work on all smartphones.

What IMEI Number Refers To?

IMEI refers to “International Mobile Equipment Identity“. It is a 15 digit serial number that is unique to each and every smartphone no matter it is running on Java, Windows, iOS, or Android. Where is it written? You can see your device IMEI number behind the battery or on the backside of your mobile. Another best way to check your IMEI number is: Open the keypad and dial “*#06#” and the serial number will appear in front of you. Are you thinking what’s the need for this serial number? Let you know, it helps to track your device location, in identification your phone within all over the world. When your device got stolen, you can track its location using its IMEI number only. So isn’t it useful? 😀 Yes, it is.

Why Do We Need to Change Android IMEI?

There are hundreds of reasons due to which you think to change Android IMEI. Some common issues are like, most of the Refer & Earn apps nowadays, store your IMEI number into their database and when you try to register more than one account on the same device, it will not provide you with any referral money for it. In this situation, the best solution is to change IMEI of your Android. Sometimes, your device gets damaged internally and shows SIM errors like invalid SIM and all. In this case, you can fix all damages just by changing your mobile IMEI. I hope these examples are enough to explain the benefits of changing the IMEI number of mobiles.

Change Android IMEI Number

How to Change Android IMEI Number

This is a simple task to change Android IMEI number of any smartphone. All you need is a rooted device. After rooting, your phone will start working on your command (If you are expert in Android system). There are thousands of benefits of rooting Android and disadvantages too!! Well, don’t worry it will not damage your phone if you have some knowledge. No matter even if you don’t want to root your phone because I am going to share two methods to change IMEI Number of Android without root and with root both. So if you are not interested to take any risk of rooting then you can follow my second method but that will only work in MTK Chipset Android phone. Let’s come to the main trick.

Requirements to Change Android IMEI Number Without Root

For changing Android IMEI Number, you need to follow some requirements which we are going to use in the tutorial. Don’t worry there is nothing special and we have provided a Link for all items. Here is the list of all the required things.

These were some basic requirements to change IMEI number on any Android phone. I don’t think, there is anything special on the above list. Is there? I don’t think so. Well, it was my duty to share this list to solve all of your confusion. If you are ready with these all, come to the main steps. You May Also like Whatsapp Dare Games to play with your friends.

How to Change IMEI Number in Android?

This tutorial is only for Rooted devices. If you haven’t rooted or don’t want to root your phone then go for another method which is described just after this one. But if you really want to change Android IMEI number on your phone then it is impossible without getting root access. So, you should root your phone first.

Before proceeding to the main steps, you must install the Xposed Installer on your mobile. Only after that, you can change your Android IMEI Number. If you are done with it, come to the main steps.

1) First of all, check your Original IMEI number by dialing *#06# and note it somewhere.

2) Install IMEI Changer App on your smartphone.

IMEI Changer Pro Apk

3) Open Xposed Installer and in modules, tick mark on IMEI Changer app option and reboot your phone.

IMEI Changer Xposed Module

4) After restarting, open the IMEI Changer app. You will see Current IMEI No., New IMEI No., and Original IMEI boxes. To change it, click on New IMEI No. box and enter your desired new number and click on the Apply button to save changes.

Change Android IMEI

5) Now again restart your phone to process this process.

Restart Android Device

Voila! You are done. Now to confirm the New IMEI serial number, open IMEI changer App and you will see the new serial in the Current IMEI No. box or you can also check directly by dialing *#06# from your smartphone. Aha! Isn’t it simple? Yes, it is pretty simplest trick ever. Well, this method required root access. Now come to our second method. You should also check our recently shared tutorial to download paid Android apps for free.

How to Change IMEI Number Without Root (In MTK Chipset Android Phone)

In this tutorial, there is no need to root your phone and no need to install an app like which is used in the above one. But first of all, make clear that this will not work on all Android phone, it can be applied only on MTK chipset devices. So, if your device follows this single requirement then follow the below-given steps to Change Android IMEI Number without root.

1) First of all, download Mobile Uncle Tool Apk and install it on your device.

2) After successful installation, open it on your device and select the Engineer >> Engineer Mode option.

Change Android IMEI Number without Root

3) Scroll down and find CDS Information, click on it and then click on the Radio Information option.

4) It will show your two new options on-screen i.e Phone 1 & Phone 2. Click on the Phone 2 option.

5) After selecting the Phone 2 option, it will show you a new option which is AT+.

6) Now, You need to replace this AT+ with “AT+ (Space) Your New 15 Digit IMEI Number“. (Look at the example below)

For Example: AT+ 123456789123456

7) At last click on the Set At Command option to save your changes and restart your phone.

Change Android IMEI Without Root

This is How to Change Android IMEI Number without Root. You can follow this method on any MTK Chipset Android phones without any requirement of rooting. I have tried it on many devices and found it works like a charm. Try it on your own mobile and let us know in the comment section if you are facing any issues.

Video Tutorial: How to Change IMEI Number

Here is the video tutorial for you which I have found on YouTube.

I hope this video helped you a lot in understanding the process Live. You can see, they followed the same method which I have described and IMEI changed successfully without any issue. There is nothing hard in this tutorial, anybody can make these simple changed on any Android phone to change Android IMEI within few minutes.

On Internet, you will find lots of websites which provide you with save method and I think they too work if those sites are updating regularly but in most of the cases, we found that their tutorial is not getting any updates from years and the tricks they have described are got patched already. Well, I don’t want to compare anyone, I tried my best to describe to you a step-by-step method to change IMEI Number of any smartphone. Enjoy!

Wrapping Up:

So, guys, these are the easiest methods to change Android IMEI number with and without root permission. Well, I am not saying these are the only ways to do such a thing, but without a PC only these are the possibilities to change IMEI numbers on any Android phone. If any of the above methods are not useful for you then you can search for another method on the Internet which requires Computer, maybe that will work for you. But, I am sure my methods are working fine as I tested them personally on my devices. If you have still any problems and not able to change Android IMEI Number, feel free to comment below.

This method can work on any Android phone no matter what Android version it has. You can try it out on any of your mobiles as I have explained two methods in which one requires Root Access while another one doesn’t. From today on wars, you don’t have to be confused in thinking How to Change the IMEI Number on an Android phone. I hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to share it with your friends too, let them know how easy it is to change Android IMEI Number without Root.

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