How To Download Paid Apps for Free on Android

Download Paid Apps for Free, heard interesting? Of course, but how? It is a big question that appeared once in every Android user’s mind. Well, let you know it is not an impossible task. You all can easily get paid Apps for free on your smartphone. Lots of people want to download paid apps for free on Android without paying a single penny to any app store. To complete this wish I am going to share the top 5 alternatives to Google Play Store. Android is one of the best Operating System for mobile phones. We all love to play games and trying different cool applications on our devices. But free Android apps are not so interesting and they don’t have many features as compared to premium applications.

Many people searched on the internet for How to Download Paid Apps for Free but it isn’t so easy as you think. First of all, let you know there is no hack to download paid apps for free from Play Store. But this doesn’t mean that there is no possible way to get paid apps for free. We will share some of the best methods which can help you to get any premium Android app without paying any amount.

We all know about paid apps, they work very much smoother and smarter compared to free ones that’s why we all love to download paid apps on Android. But one of the main and biggest problems which every normal person face is regarding their high prices. Well, you should understand why the developer has developed that app? Maybe he wants to do something big as compared to others but no one wants to gift their hard work for free that’s why they always sell their best-developed app for some money. You should also check the trick to remove avast safezone browser.

Most of the paid apps are some Dollars which isn’t affordable for all of us. In this case, the only way to access premium app features is that find a trick to download paid Android apps for free from Play Store.. this is what every people think but as I already told in the above section that there is no chance to download money apps from Google Play Store in free. But don’t worry there are many other App Stores that are providing their best services which allow you to download your desired paid Apk in free.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free on Android

How to Download Paid Apps for Free on Android

This article will tell you about all of the popular Best App Stores to download paid apps on Android for free. Yeah! you have heard it right you can download any paid app for free after reading our tutorial. Don’t worry, we are not going to share only one method, in fact, we will share 5+ apps and websites from where you can download any paid app and game for your Android phone without paying money.

Do you think why these app stores are providing paid apps for free? and how they got all premium apps without money? Let you know they didn’t get all of these apps for free, someone has purchased a particular app from the play store and shared it with friends and from here to there app will spread in thousands. This is how they collect paid apps and provide you them all in one place. They also purchase some apps by themselves if they are unable to manage them for free. What is their profit in this? Hmm Good question, listen they show some of the ads in their app and websites which generate revenue for them that’s it.

Requirements to Download Premium Apps for Free

You need some required things to get paid apps for free on your Android mobile. Don’t worry there is no special requirement.

That’s it, YES!! as I already told you don’t have to worry about requirements as s single app can do all of your work that is “Blackmart”. It is an Android App Store that has a large database that covered almost all paid apps to download for free.

How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android?

Have you read the requirements section? I think your answer is Yes, even if NOT then no problem because nothing is special in this method. First of all, let you know you don’t need to root your device or change IMEI number to follow this tutorial. All you need is an app store that provides paid Android apps for free. There are hundreds of stores are available but not all of them are so popular and also most of them have only very few apps to download. So we are only going to share some of the best ever Apps and Web sites which have a huge collection of premium apps for Android device. How’s my idea? Cool… NO? 😀

Some people say that you need a Rooted Android phone to download paid Android apps for free but that is only a myth that is not true. There is no need to root your mobile to do such a thing. Here we are providing you a step-by-step guide with screenshots to get paid apps for free on any Android device. Just scroll down and look at the steps carefully.

1) Download and install Blackmart App on your device. (Link is given in above Requirements section)

Blackmart Apk

If you will see any alert regarding to installing app from external source, you have to allow installation from unknown sources from settings. Just go to settings and tick mark on the option which is shown below.

Allow Installation From Unknown Sources

2) Open the app after installation, it will show you all trending apps on your screen. Now, you can also search & download your desired paid app for free from there.

Download Paid Apps for Free

3) You can also check the most popular Paid Apps from the top right corner section. Click on that 3 dot button then Sort mode.. >> Filter and select the Paid option.

Get Paid Apps for Free

It is the best method to download paid apps & games for free on your Android device. Now, I am going to share some more markets which do the same job as Blackmart does. There are lots of Play Store alternatives which even have a feature to get paid apps for free whereas play store costs you very much for premium applications.

Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives To Download Paid Android Apps Free

  1. 4Shared
  2. 9 Apps
  3. 1Mobile Market
  4. Mobogenie
  5. Amazon Underground

Above, I mentioned the top 5 Best Play Store Alternative to download paid apps free. Now I am describing each and every market one by one to know all features which they provide.


4Shared Apk – Best App to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

First of all, you should know that this Market app is also available on the Play Store whereas Blackmart isn’t. This means this application is following all Google’s terms & policies and it’s totally legal. This is the other best place to get any paid app or game free of cost. Many people are already using it for years and didn’t face any issues regarding their services. Also, they provide a Cloud service where you can upload your files the same as Google Drive. If you are using it without any registration then you will only get limited disk storage. Sign Up for an account and enjoy unlimited storage. Well making an account is necessary to download paid apps to you must make a new account after downloading this app on your device.

Download Now

#9 Apps

9Apps Apk – Best Platform To Download Paid Android Apps Free

I hope you already heard about 9 Apps. Not you? If you are a UC Browser user then I am sure you had seen this app on their front page. UC company is promoting its app and website both to use it with the help of their browser. Most of the people love this market to download a paid app for free because it doesn’t need an account to download apps. It has a large collection of apps & games which are available in the Play Store. Its interface is too awesome colorful which is liked by all its users. Give a try to this application and check out it satisfy your needs or not.

Download Now

#1Mobile Market

1 Mobile Market Apk

1 Mobile Market is another platform to download paid Apk’s for free on Android. It contains 1.6 million Apps & Games which are available in the Play store. Not only apps it has a large collection of HD wallpapers. You will see an Update option in this app which is helpful to update your downloaded app whenever its new version releases. If any download stops in the middle due to slow internet or network issue then you can continue downloading from a breakpoint, no need to worry about reloading caused by an interrupt. You can explore more features by yourself after using it.

Download Now


Mobogenie – Best App Market to Download Paid Apk for Free

Mobogenie is a very old and popular app store which have millions of awesome apps & games. You will find your desired paid or free Android app here. Well, it is not available in the play store as it violated their terms & policies but doesn’t worry below is the download link from where you can download it in a single click. Not only Apps & Games but it also contains paid Ebooks, Music & Videos which are available free of cost. I don’t think you still need more discussion on this App Market as it has extra features as compared to any other platform.

Download Now

#Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground – Download Paid Apps & Games for Free n Android

I don’t think you have ever heard about Amazon Market before in your life. Am I right? Yes because it is a new App Store launched by Amazon, officially. As we all know about this most popular Online Shopping website. Recently it has launched the Amazon Underground app which contains lots of applications & games to download for free. I don’t need to say anything regarding how trusted this platform is as it is the service provided by the world’s most popular e-commerce site company. You can download it from the link below.

Download Now

These are the most popular Google Play Store Alternates that’s why I have shared only these with you. I can guarantee, you will surely get your desired Android App within these app stores. There is no need to look at any other Store except the listed above. Many people don’t want to download third-party app store n their Android phone, for those I am sharing some Websites which offers the same services without downloading any application on your smartphone.

Best Sites To Download Paid Apps for Free on Android


There are more best sites to download paid apps for free on your Android phone but I don’t think you need to know about more when only the above-mentioned sites can do your job perfectly. Above listed websites are the best ever online platform to get paid apps for free. Let me tell you some features of these sites one by one.

This website has an extended collection of millions of Android apps & games. Most of the play store apps are available on this site which is free to download for everyone. You can see all trending apps on their homepage or if you want to download any desired application, there is a Search box that can help you to find any app or game.


ApkMirror is another best Android apps market platform that contains lots of paid apps. There is a community on this website that collects Paid Apk’s and shares them with us through their website. They edit all apps with a new updated version link after every new update. You can even update your downloaded app from the play store after downloading it once from here.


Apk Real is another best site to get paid apps for free. No need to sign up for a new account or something, you can directly download your desired Android app without any cost from this website. I personally used this and loved it, that’s why it listed on my list. After every new version, you will get an updated version on or you can update it directly from the play store too.


These are the top 3 sites to download paid apps & games for free. Now I am sharing a video that I found on YouTube. It will help you to learn one another method to get paid apps for free on your Android phone. Have a look at this.

Video Tutorial: How to Download Paid Android Apps & Games for Free



So, guys, this is How to Download Paid Apps for Free on Android phone. I hope you got your all answers regarding this topic. Every possible method is mentioned by me in this article which is applicable to get paid apps for free. Well, I am not saying, these are the only possibilities to do such a thing but why to describe everything when there are enough? Am I right? Yeah! I am sure you will get your desired premium Apk on the above-mentioned Play Store Alternatives or Best sites to download paid apps without any cost.

If you try to search on the internet, it will show you a big list of App Market websites & apps. but let you know, most of them are not much good as you want. What you see, most of them have lack of Apps and they are not getting updated for a long time. In this case, we all get upset. Well, no need to worry now as we have shared the best way to download paid apps for free on Android. Also, I have provided the best Google Play Store Alternatives in this article. Still, if you have any doubt or query regarding this whole tutorial, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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